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Substantial Damage Task Force

Tangipahoa Parish Government has established a task force to help identify properties that meet FEMA’s definition of substantially flood-damaged homes from the two floods of 2016.

Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller said the Substantial Damage Task Force has been assigned to identify those properties that were overwhelmingly damaged in the 2016 floods. The task force, which is made up of parish employees, will travel the parish to verify inspections performed by FEMA and identify which properties have been mitigated post-flood.

Miller said this is a key component of flood plain management, and that the local inspectors will be in parish-marked vehicles and wearing uniforms clearly identifying them as parish employees.

Inspections will likely consist of a worker driving by the property or parking in the driveway to “eye” the property. At this time, workers will not be asking to inspect the inside of flooded properties, Miller said.

The task force includes employees from the Parish’s building code and permitting offices. Previously, similar visual inspections were performed after major hurricanes like Katrina and Isaac impacted the parish, Miller said.

For more information on the Substantial Damage Task Force and its scope of operations, call Tangipahoa Parish Government at (985) 748-3211 or go to the parish website,

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