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Tropical Storm Laura Update - Monday August 24, 4pm

Click HERE to see the 4pm NWS Slides.

Here is an update concerning Tropical Storm Laura. 

Changes from previous update: 

  • Tropical wind and surge watches have been issued for portions of the area associated with Tropical Storm Laura


  • Tropical Storm Marco continues to weaken and only minor impacts on the area, mainly in the form of minor coastal flooding will continue

  • Laura could bring significant impacts to portions of the area during the Wednesday/Thursday time frame


  • We are confident Laura will have some impact on the area, but are less confident in the exact magnitude of those impacts

Impacts from Marco:

  • Minor coastal flooding will persist at times of high tide today and tomorrow (Tuesday)

  • Otherwise no significant impacts are expected

Impacts from Laura:

  • TS Laura could bring significant impacts to portions of the area, with the greatest impacts expected across areas west of the Mississippi River

  • Remember that impacts can occur outside the forecast cone

  • Storm Surge Flooding:

    • Morgan City to MS River: 4-6 ft inundation possible

    • MS River to Ocean Springs: 3-5 ft inundation possible

    • Lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas: 2-4 ft inundation possible

    • Ocean Springs to AL Border: 1-3 ft possible

    • There is no anticipated threat to areas inside the hurricane and storm damage risk reduction system

  • There is potential for heavy rainfall if/where any of Laura's outer bands track

  • There is potential for sustained tropical storm force winds, with pockets of damaging winds across areas mainly near the Atchafalaya River

Additional Information and Resources:

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