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COVID-19 Update - 4/14/2020

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The number of cases worldwide continues to climb. According to health officials, there have been 1,925,811 confirmed cases of COVID-19. More than 119,818 people have died.


Please go to for official information on Positive Test Results and locations.  It is updated 12 noon daily.  LDH officials’ latest report: As of last report all Parishes have reported (64 of 64) cases with state totaling 21,016 cases of COVID-19 and 884 deaths across the state.  

2,134 Reported COVID-19 Patients in Hospitals; 461 of those on ventilators

5,589 Tests Completed by State Lab; 102,502 Commercial Tests Completed



U.S. deaths from the COVID-19 topped 23,000 on Monday.  There were a total of nearly 570,000 U.S. cases as of Monday with over 1.8 million reported cases.  Globally.   In the U.S., health officials confirmed 587,752 coronavirus cases nationwide, with 23,765 associated fatalities. New York remains the most affected state with 106,863 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 7349 associated deaths. But New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, declared Monday that "the worst is over" – if residents continue to follow rigid behavior guidelines. As of Tuesday, the US has the highest number of coronavirus-related fatalities in the world. But there was reason for optimism, too: The U.S. death toll dipped on consecutive days during the weekend, providing hope that the most-difficult time could soon be in the nation's rearview mirror. Large-scale measures to mitigate the spread of the disease have been imposed on 42 of 50 states. Los Angeles (California) authorities announced on Friday, April 10, an extension to the current stay-at-home order until Friday, May 15, to prevent further spread of coronavirus. With the extension of the order, all non-essential businesses will remain closed and residents will only be allowed to go out for essential activities, such as buying medicine or groceries. Residents who go out in public will be required to wear some form of face-covering as of Wednesday, April 15.  Similar measures have been introduced in major cities across the country. Nationwide, there are now more than 29,000 members of the National Guard on duty around the country to support the nation's response to the pandemic.  

Seven Northeastern U.S. states and three West Coast states formed regional pacts on Monday aimed at coordinating a gradual reopening of their economies without a resurgence of coronavirus infections just as the outbreak appeared to be starting to wane.  New York, by far the hardest hit state, will work closely with nearby New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island to devise strategies for jointly easing stay-at-home orders imposed last month to curb coronavirus transmissions.  Separately, the governors of California, Oregon, and Washington announced a similar agreement to devise a shared approach for lifting social-distancing measures, saying they "need to see a decline in the rate of spread of the virus before large-scale reopening" can take place.  The 10 state leaders gave no timeline for ending social lockdowns that have collectively idled the vast majority of more than 100 million residents in their states.  A senior U.S. health official said some of the U.S. hot spots in the COVID-19 pandemic, New York, New Jersey, Detroit, MI, and New Orleans, LA, appear to be seeing COVID-19 cases 'leveling off' or even going down.

MINNESOTA - Minnesota governor's office signed an executive order on Monday to extend the peacetime emergency in Minnesota for another 30 days.  The state's peacetime emergency was first enacted on March 13 and will now run until May 13.

SOUTH CAROLINA - South Carolina also issued an executive order on Sunday extending the state's emergency Declaration.

TENNESSEE - Tennessee governor's office extended the state's stay-at-home order on Monday, mandating nonessential businesses remain closed until April 30.

TEXAS - Texas issued a proclamation Sunday extending its disaster declaration for all counties in response to the novel coronavirus. 

WYOMING - Wyoming governor's office confirmed the state's first coronavirus-related death Monday.  The state had been the last one in the U.S. to not have a confirmed death from the disease.

The U.S. State Department has issued a “Do Not Travel” health advisory.  The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19.  In countries where commercial departure options remain available, U.S. citizens who live in the United States should arrange for immediate return to the United States, unless they are prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period.  U.S. citizens who live abroad should avoid all international travel.


In China, China reported the highest number of new daily coronavirus cases in nearly six weeks, with 108 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, up from 99 a day earlier, amid a continued rise in patients entering the

country from overseas.  The total number of confirmed cases in China stands at 82,160 as of Monday, while the death toll rose by two to 3,341.   

In Canada, Canada reported Monday afternoon that the country has 24,804 cases of COVID-19, and 734 people have died as a result of the virus.  One official said that a significant proportion of the cases that have resulted in death have taken place at long-term care facilities.   

In France, the French have extended the country's coronavirus lockdown until May 11.  France will also keep its borders with non-European nations closed "until further notice," according to a senior French official.  France recorded 561 new COVID-19 deaths on Sunday over a 24-hour period marking the lowest recorded daily increase in deaths since the start of April.

In Italy, there have been 159,516 confirmed coronavirus disease cases, including 20,465 deaths and 35,435 recoveries. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced on Friday, April 10, that existing lockdown measures will be extended until Sunday, May 3, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, Conte declared that certain businesses would be able to resume operations from Tuesday, April 14, such as shops that sell stationery, books, and children's clothes. Conte also added that, if certain conditions are met, the government will consider gradually reopening other businesses that have been forced to shut down during the lockdown.  Italy reported its lowest number of new COVID-19 deaths in three weeks and officials say hospitalizations, including the number of patients admitted to intensive care, are also down.

In Russia, authorities in Moscow began issuing residents with digital travel permits in an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The permits consist of a unique code, obtained by email or print, and will allow residents to travel to their approved destinations. Authorities have issued 8000 permits so far, with the system coming into effect as of Wednesday, April 15; the permits will last through to the end of April. Police, city officials, journalists, and other select groups, will be exempt from having to hold permits when traveling. The new travel permit system comes a day after Russian authorities reported an additional 2186 cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the largest daily increase since the start of the outbreak. The current nationwide public paid holiday remains in effect until Thursday, April 30. President Vladimir Putin has called for all nonessential businesses to remain closed and for workers to receive their normal salaries during the holiday period. However, the president also stated that regional authorities will be allowed to determine which companies and organizations will continue to operate, depending on the situation. People are being asked to follow self-isolation rules and other restrictions. To date, Russia has 18,328 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with a total of 148 associated deaths, according to the country's coronavirus response center.

In Spain, the government relaxed coronavirus lockdown measures on Monday, April 13, allowing some construction work and manufacturing operations to resume. However, most restrictions will remain in place until at least Sunday, April 21, such as the closure of schools, bars, restaurants, and most shops. All social gatherings continue to be prohibited, and police officers have been deployed to enforce the orders. Residents are being ordered to restrict all movement except for going to work for essential employees, hospitals or health centers, and financial institutions, and shopping for groceries, pharmaceuticals, and other primary necessities. Non-essential employees have been instructed to stay home as a precautionary measure. All foreign nationals have been prohibited from entering the country; only Spanish citizens and residents will be allowed to enter. Land borders remain open for individuals who wish to leave the country.  An ongoing state of emergency is in effect until at least Sunday, April 26. Under the state of emergency, the government is granted exceptional powers to limit the free movement of people and vehicles, and ration goods and services, among other powers.  As of Tuesday, April 14, there are at least 170,099 cases of COVID-19 in Spain, including 17,756 associated deaths.

In the U.K., health officials have confirmed at least 89,571 cases of the coronavirus disease, including 11,329 associated fatalities, nationwide as of Monday, April 13.   Stay-at-home restrictions remain in place for Britons and nonessential businesses are closed to curb the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. All nonessential businesses and public venues have been ordered to close, all public gatherings of more than two people have been prohibited (excluding people living together), and all social events have been canceled, excluding funerals. Notably, parks remain open for exercise, but "gatherings will be dispersed," according to Johnson. The current restrictions are expected to be extended by the government in the coming days.  Additionally, two of the largest providers of care homes in the UK have revealed the deaths of 521 residents from coronavirus in recent weeks, in the clearest sign yet of the rising scale of fatalities outside the NHS which are not yet being officially announced. HC One, which operates about 350 homes, said that as of 8pm on Monday there had been 311 deaths from confirmed or suspected Covid-19 with outbreaks in two thirds of its homes. MHA, a charitable operator, said there have been 210 deaths across 131 homes, with outbreaks in about half of its homes. A study published at the weekend by academics at the London School of Economics of early figures from Italy, Spain, France, Ireland and Belgium appear to show that care home deaths may account for about half of the total death toll. The National Care Association has warned that deaths in care homes risk being “airbrushed out” with the headline daily death toll announced by the government only relating to deaths in the NHS. The ONS is gathering care home figures from death certificates where doctors report that a fatality was confirmed or suspected of having occurred because of the virus.

In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an extension of the nationwide lockdown until Sunday, May 3. The nationwide lockdown is designed to help curb the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the country. Individuals in India will be banned from leaving their homes during the period of the lockdown. Only essential services will remain operational; all shops, offices, markets, and places of worship are closed, and interstate bus and train services are suspended. A ban on international commercial passenger flights is also ongoing. Cargo operations and flights with prior approval are exempt from the restrictions.  As of April 14, there have been more than 10,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in India, including 358 associated fatalities.

In Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia had “put itself in a good position to be able to deal with what is a global calamity”. “We don’t want to end up like New York or like London or like in Spain or in Italy or any of these places. And the decisions and actions we’ve taken together as a country and the discipline and patience shown by Australians has meant that we’ve been able to avoid those horror scenarios which, you know, Australia is not immune to. I mean, we can sometimes have complacency in this country. We’re optimistic people. And that’s great. But we also have to keep our sense of realism about the risk.” Morrison added: “Yes, we’ve had a good couple of weeks, but that does not beat a virus. And that’s why we have many more in front of us before we could even possibly contemplate the easing of restrictions.” While the Australian Defense Force has been called in to help in Tasmania, where two hospitals have been closed due to outbreaks of Covid-19. About 40 defense and seven civilian medical workers were arriving in Burnie by today, before moving to the North West Regional Hospital as soon as the deep clean has been completed. In a joint statement, the defense minister, Linda Reynolds, and the health minister, Greg Hunt, said the ADF personnel would reopen and operate the facility’s emergency department, after staff were sent home for two weeks’ quarantine.  Australia has over 6,400 cases with 61 deaths.



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