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COVID-19 Update - 3/28/2020

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Please go to for official information on Positive Test Results and locations.  It is updated 12 noon daily.  LDH officials’ latest report: As of last report there are 54 of 64 parishes with reported cases with 2,746 cases of COVID-19 and 119 deaths across the state.   

Louisiana Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information: There are 16 case(s) and 1 death(s) under investigation to determine the “home of record/residency” to list them properly. 

Orleans  -  1,170 case(s)  |  57 death(s)

Jefferson  -  548 case(s)  |  24 death(s)

Caddo  -  140 case(s)  |  2 death(s)

East Baton Rouge  -  124 case(s)  |  4 death(s)

St. Tammany  -  111 case(s)  |  2 death(s)

Ascension  -  90 case(s)  |  1 death(s)

Lafayette  -  44 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

St. John the Baptist  -  41 case(s)  |  3 death(s)

St. James  -  40 case(s)  |  3 death(s)

Bossier  -  37 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

St. Bernard  -  31 case(s)  |  1 death(s)

Lafourche  -  30 case(s)  |  2 death(s)

Rapides  -  26 case(s)  |  1 death(s)

Ouachita  -  25 case(s)  |  1 death(s)

St. Charles  -  23 case(s)  |  2 death(s)

Terrebonne  -  23 case(s)  |  1 death(s)

Calcasieu  -  22 case(s)  |  1 death(s)

Iberville  -  20 case(s)  |  1 death(s)

Plaquemines  -  16 case(s)  |  2 death(s)

De Soto  -  13 case(s)  |  1 death(s)

Livingston  -  11 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

West Baton Rouge  -  11 case(s)  |  1 death(s)

Avoyelles  -  10 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

St. Landry  -  10 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

St. Martin  -  10 case(s)  |  3 death(s)

Webster  -  9 case(s)  |  1 death(s)

Acadia -  8 case(s)  |  1 death(s)

Assumption  -  8 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Washington  -  8 case(s)  |  1 death(s)

Lincoln  -  7 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Tangipahoa  -  7 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

St. Mary  -  6 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Allen  -  5 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

East Feliciana  -  5 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Beauregard  -  4 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Evangeline  -  4 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Iberia  -  4 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Union  -  4 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Claiborne  -  3 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Jackson  -  3 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Morehouse  -  2 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Natchitoches  -  2 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Richland  -  2 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Vermilion  -  2 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Vernon  -  2 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Bienville  -  1 case(s)  |  1 death(s)

Catahoula  -  1 case(s)  |  1 death(s)

Grant  -  1 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Jefferson Davis  -  1 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

La Salle  -  1 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Madison  -  1 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Pointe Coupee  -  1 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

West Feliciana  -  1 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Winn  -  1 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Caldwell  -  0 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Cameron  -  0 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Concordia  -  0 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

East Carroll  -  0 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Franklin  -  0 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Red River  -  0 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Sabine  -  0 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

St. Helena  -  0 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

Tensas  -  0 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

West Carroll  -  0 case(s)  |  0 death(s)

The number of cases worldwide continues to climb. According to health officials, there have been 601,478 confirmed cases of COVID-19. More than 131,826 people have recovered, and 27,862 people have died.  

In the U.S., with more than 104,800 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus with 1711 deaths, the United States is now the epicenter of the global pandemic. The latest numbers came as President Trump signed a sweeping $2 trillion coronavirus spending package into law.  President Trump issued an order late Friday night that permits the Pentagon to bring former U.S. troops and members of the National Guard and Reserve back to active duty to augment forces already involved in the military’s response to the outbreak. The executive order allows Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper to order units and former active-duty and reserve service members, who are commonly considered out of the military and rarely recalled, chief Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Rath Hoffman said in a statement released just after midnight on Saturday morning. Delta Air Lines announced it would fly medical workers free to parts of the country where coronavirus infections are spreading rapidly. Certain medical volunteers will be able to book free round-trip Delta flights to Georgia, Louisiana and Michigan, where they’ll be deployed by state and local authorities to work at hospitals hardest hit by the virus, according to the airline.  People who are intentionally spreading and infecting others with COVID-19 could face federal terrorism charges, according to Department of Justice (DOJ) officials.  A U.S. attorney said the DOJ is working to stop coronavirus-related fraud and hold people accountable who are infecting others on purpose.

New York is the worst-affected part of the US, where there have so far been more than 44,000 cases and over 500 deaths.  New York state reported 134 new coronavirus patient deaths in 24 hours, Cuomo announced Friday, a jump from 100 deaths reported the previous day. New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) said Friday night that his state has secured about half of the 30,000 ventilators it needs. Friday’s number amounts to almost one death in the state every 10 minutes.

Rhode Island State Police on Friday began pulling over drivers with New York plates so that National Guard officials can collect contact information and inform them of a mandatory, 14-day quarantine. Governor Gina Raimondo ratcheted up the measures Friday afternoon, announcing she'll also order the state National Guard to go door-to-door in coastal communities starting this weekend to find out whether any of the home's residents have recently arrived from New York and inform them of the quarantine order. 

Texas shows the number of Houston-area coronavirus cases climb to 534 with 4 deaths, 34 recoveries reported. Stay-at Home orders continue throughout the region. Additionally, Montgomery County has issued a county-wide curfew from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. The curfew will be in effect beginning overnight going into Saturday and will continue till April 12. Only "essential" personnel, defined in the order, who need to travel within the county will be exempt from the curfew order.

California - The 1,000-bed hospital ship USNS Mercy sailed into the Port of Los Angeles Friday to provide relief for area hospitals overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Michigan has 2,844 confirmed cases and 61 deaths.

Illinois has 2,539 confirmed cases and 26 deaths.

In  China, airports are set to reopen Sunday in China’s Hubei province. While in Hong Kong, Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced a ban on gatherings of more than four people, effective Sunday, March 29, for 14 days, to prevent further spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The ban will apply to public gatherings at both indoor and outdoor venues. Additionally, game centers, gyms, cinemas, and other places of amusement and public entertainment will be required to close for two weeks starting from Saturday, March 28. To date, there are more than 515 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, with four associated deaths.

In Italy  - already the globe's worst-affected country in terms of deaths - has overtaken China, where the pandemic began. Italy has 86,498 cases with 9,134 deaths. While Spain announced on Friday, March 27, that the death toll from the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease increased by 769 over a 24-hour period, bringing the total fatalities to 5138. This represents the highest death toll recorded in a single day since the beginning of the pandemic in the country. Spain has the second highest death toll from the virus worldwide after Italy. As of March 27, health officials have confirmed 65,719 COVID-19 cases nationwide, with 9357 recoveries. According to media reports, some hospitals do not have enough capacity to treat all patients and are experiencing supply shortages. Non-essential surgeries and other operations are being postponed in some hospitals to provide additional space.

In the U.K., deaths and confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK have been doubling every three days, and on Friday the country experienced its biggest increase in deaths so far. Models of the epidemic give very different estimates of its potential final death toll, from tens of thousands to one published on Friday that projected a figure of below 7,000.  Two new temporary hospitals will be set up to help cope with the coronavirus crisis, the head of the NHS in England has said. Sir Simon Stevens said the new hospitals will be built at Birmingham's NEC and the Manchester conference center and will be ready next month. A hospital being set up in London's ExCeL center will be available for use next week, it was announced. Sir Simon told a daily news briefing "further such hospitals" would follow. To date, there had been 14,751 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK, with 759 deaths in total, 181 of those being confirmed on 27 March. A total of 135 individuals have officially recovered from the disease with 13,649 active cases under observation.  While frontline NHS staff in England will start being tested this weekend to see whether they have coronavirus. Workers with symptoms or those who live with people who have symptoms will be checked - starting with critical care doctors and nurses. It follows criticism over a lack of testing for health workers. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister and Health Secretary Matt Hancock are self-isolating after testing positive for the virus. Boris Johnson, 55, said he had experienced mild symptoms over the past 24 hours but would continue to lead the government's response to the pandemic while working from his Downing Street home. Mr. Hancock said his symptoms were also mild and he was working from home.

In Italy, the  Civil Protection Agency announced that the death toll from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak increased by 919 over a 24-hour period. This represents the highest death toll recorded in a single day since the beginning of the outbreak in the country. As of Friday, health officials have confirmed 86,498 COVID-19 cases nationwide along with 9134 associated fatalities, and more than 10,360 recoveries.  On Friday, the Italian government extended lockdown measures (originally set to end on March 25) through Friday, April 3, though officials have stated that the deadline will likely be extended. Under the lockdown measures, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is advising all individuals in the country to stay at home. Public gatherings remain suspended nationwide. All individuals are recommended advised to work from home and respect an interpersonal distance of 1 m (3 ft.).

In France,  Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced a two-week extension to the ongoing nationwide lockdown to prevent further spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The lockdown, which was set to expire on Tuesday, March 31, will remain in place until Wednesday, April 15. Individuals are only permitted to leave their homes for essential duties, such as grocery shopping and medical assistance. Violators of the directive could face punishment.  To date, there are more than 33,414 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country, with 1995 associated deaths.

In Turkey,  President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that all international flights will be suspended until further notice following 92 confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) fatalities nationwide. Authorities have also imposed a travel ban on 30 cities, including Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, as a precautionary measure. However, inter-city travel will be permitted with formal permission from local governors. In addition, passengers on public transportation will be required to sit separately from each other. Picnic locations and archaeological sites will be closed on weekends and groups will not be allowed into the areas on weekdays. The government has also warned that a stay-at-home order could be imposed if the COVID-19 outbreak worsens.  Turkey's land border with Greece, Bulgaria, Iran, and Iraq, remains closed to prevent further spread of the virus. Turkish Airlines also announced that it will be suspending all international flights, except for the airline's New York, Washington, Hong Kong, Moscow and Addis Ababa flights, from Friday, March 27, until Friday, April 17. Meanwhile, all schools, universities, restaurants, bars, cafes, and cinemas remain closed nationwide. On Tuesday, March 24, authorities announced that supermarket opening hours will be limited to between 09:00 to 21:00 (local time) with a maximum of one customer for every 10 square meters of shop space. Buses will not be allowed to exceed 50 percent capacity so that passengers can be spaced out. Officials have also suspended public events and activities, including barring spectators at sports events and suspending congregational prayers in mosques. Turkish citizens aged 65 and above, as well as individuals who suffer from chronic illnesses, are restricted from leaving their homes or walking in open areas such as gardens and parks. As of Friday, March 27, Turkey's Ministry of health has confirmed 5698 cases of COVID-19 nationwide, including 92 fatalities.

In Iraq, authorities announced an extension to the ongoing nationwide lockdown due to the ongoing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The lockdown, which was to initially end on Saturday, March 28, will remain in place until Saturday, April 11. While many provinces established curfews, the decision applies to the entire country. The country's airports are closed, as are schools, universities, religious sites, and other gathering places. In Baghdad, a travel ban prohibiting any travel into or out of the city, first implemented on Tuesday, March 17, will be extended until 23:00 (local time) on March 28. It is unclear whether this will be extended under the aforementioned policy change. As of March 27, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Iraq has risen to 458 with 40 fatalities and 105 recoveries.

In Mexico, authorities have suspended all non-essential activities and banned events with more than 100 people. Sanitation and hygiene have also been intensified nationwide, and the public are advised to practice social distancing. A suspension on schools remains in place from Friday, March 20, until Monday, April 20 to prevent further spread of the virus. Public events have also been prohibited from Monday, March 23, until Sunday, April 19, as a precautionary measure. Bars, clubs, zoos, saunas, gyms, and cinemas have also been ordered to close in Mexico City. Meanwhile, security forces were deployed on Wednesday, March 25, due to calls on social media to carry out widespread looting in Veracruz.  On Thursday, March 26, Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramirez announced that Jalisco and seven other states including Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi, Michoacán, Colima and Nayarit, will block flights from areas such as California with high rates of COVID-19. Local media reported on Friday, March 27, that the Ministry of Communications and Transportation has warned that national and international may be canceled nationwide. The land border between US and Mexico has been closed since 23:59 (local time) on Friday, March 20, until 23:59 (local time) on Monday, April 20. The closure will apply for recreational travel, while cargo, trade and healthcare workers will still be allowed to cross the border.  As of Friday, March 27, the Ministry of Health has confirmed 717 cases of COVID-19 nationwide, including 12 fatalities. Individuals who present respiratory systems after arrival into Mexico should call the Ministry of Health's hotline at 800 0044 800, or text "covid19" to 51515 if in Mexico City. Individuals who are suspected of having COVID-19 will be quarantined for two weeks.

In Australia, the Australian Government Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly has addressed questions on whether Australia has enough ICU beds. "I want to also address the issue of intensive care beds and hospital beds. And this question that keeps coming to us from various places, is Australia ready? Is the healthcare system ready? "Well, I can really assure people that the healthcare system in Australia is very adaptable. And it is absolutely ready for this matter. "In terms of intensive care, we have double the capacity and there are beds available right now with the ventilators right now to deal with people if they require it. It is a very small component of those now 3400 cases in Australia. Only 30 in total. And less than that currently. "We have doubled the bed capacity in Australia right now and we are ready, well and truly ready, and we will not be seeing a peak on the 10 April, as has been reported in some places. That is not the case."  While dozens of medical professionals ignored police orders to quarantine and jumped on domestic flights home after flying into Australia from South America on Friday. The news comes as Western Australia has recorded 23 new cases of coronavirus, with 16 of them linked to a cruise ship, bringing the state’s total to 278 cases. In retail news, clothing brands Witchery and Country Road announced their physical stores would close until further notice, and David Jones announced its smaller stores would also shut their doors. More than 3600 cases of COVID-19 have now been confirmed across Australia, with 1617 in New South Wales, 685 in Victoria, 625 in Queensland, 287 in South Australia, 278 in Western Australia, 71 in the ACT, 58 in Tasmania and 15 in the Northern Territory. Fourteen people have died, including eight in New South Wales, 3 in Victoria, 2 in Western Australia and 1 in QLD.

CDC recommends that travelers avoid all nonessential travel to the following destinations. Most foreign nationals who have been in one of these countries during the previous 14 days will not be allowed to enter the United States.

CDC recommends that older adults or those who have chronic medical conditions consider postponing travel to the following destinations: Global Outbreak Notice (Level 2 Travel Health Notice)

The US State Department has issued a “Do Not Travel” health advisory.  The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19.  In countries where commercial departure options remain available, U.S. citizens who live in the United States should arrange for immediate return to the United States, unless they are prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period.  U.S. citizens who live abroad should avoid all international travel.


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