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Hours of Operation:

8:00 am - 4:00 pm | Monday-Friday

985-748-3211 |
206 East Mulberry St. | Amite, LA 70422

The Accounting Department is committed to providing reliable, efficient and accurate financial statements that comply with local, state, and federal guidelines. We are dedicated to professional integrity and development and strive to have the highest quality of performance while maintaining the respect, trust, and confidence of the public.

Jeff McKneely, CPA
Director of Finance

Bevin Tabor
Head Accountant

Beckie Hendry
Staff Accountant/Payroll

Pam Smith
Staff Accountant/Grants

Becky Clements
Accounts Payable/Fixed Assets

Kevin Tzeng
Staff Accountant

Missy R. Cowart, CPA
Director of Accounting and Grants Management

Donna Domiano
Purchasing Agent

Jessica Andrews
Assistant Purchasing Agent/Accounts Receivable

Linda Cutrer
Administrative Assistant

Mitch McDaniel
Transit Planning Coordinator

John Dardis
Independent Grant Consultant