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Public Notice of Schedule Changes

Bus Route Schedule

Bus Route

In order to encourage public involvement in a proposed fare and service change process for this urban area transit system, it is the policy of the Tangipahoa Parish Government to hold at least one public hearing for any increase in fares or for other major changes to service and routes.

For the purposes of this process, a major change that requires public input and a public hearing shall be 1) a change that reduces service hours by 10% or more of the total system service hours, or 2) any change that affects 20% or more of the routing of a particular route, or 3) a change that increases ridership fares, all of which will be considered as a “major change”.

In such cases, public notice and a public hearing is required. All public hearings will be held at a time and place so as to encourage public participation. At least 5 days notice shall be provided to the public before the date of the public hearing. The hearing dates, times, and locations of such a hearing shall be displayed during this public comment and notice period on the website of the Parish Government and on the website of the 3rd party contractor (the Tangipahoa Voluntary Council on Aging). Public hearings, when announced, will be held at the Club Deluxe Road office of the Tangipahoa Parish Government Planning Office in Hammond. The Parish will also allow a ten day period, following any official public announcement on this subject, for citizens or interested parties to send letters, emails, or make phone calls to the Parish government office in order to provide comments or ask questions. The address to be used by the public for the Tangipahoa Parish Government is P.O. Box 215, Amite, La. 70422, (985) 748-3211, or email at