Building Permits are required through this office before any structure is built in the Parish of Tangipahoa. All subcontractors (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing) are required to obtain permits on new construction in Tangipahoa Parish.

All contractors and subcontractors are required to be registered with the Tangipahoa Parish Permit Office.

Building Permit Process:

  1. Obtain an address for the property. Call the 911 office (985) 747-0911
  2. Bring in a survey or deed of your property and your building plans to the Permit Office
    1. A flood determination of your property must be done by our office
    2. A plan review must be done by our office.
    3. An application must be submitted along with survey or deed (legal description) to the Environmental Health Department in order to obtain sewer approval. Roseland Office-(985)748-2024, Hammond Office-(985)543-4175. If your location is on the Tangipahoa Parish Sewer District, contact (985)542-8877.
  3. Once you have been notified that your sewer approval is ready to be picked up from Environmental Health, you can go to the Permit Office for a permit. Please bring the following:
    1. Building Plans (if not previously submitted)
    2. Completed building application
    3. Sewer approval
    4. Notarized homeowner affidavit (if acting as homeowner contractor)
    5. Survey or deed if not previously submitted)
    6. DEQ Storm water permit (if you are building in a subdivision) Please see Q & A for Construction Contractors form for contact and permit information
    7. Building permit fee (We accept Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, and Discover).

Sub Contractor Permit Process:

No subcontractor permits will be issued until the Building permit has been issued.

  1. Make sure your subcontractor is registered with tangipahoa Parish Permit Office (unless acting as a homeowner subcontractor).
  2. Complete subcontractor permit application and pay permit fee.See attached fee schedule.




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